Søulless is the techno project of Francesco Presotto, also member of the noise/dark ambient outfits Geometria Nervosa together with Sara Ohm and AGENT 15 with Felipe Novoa aka Magnum Opus/Alpha & Necromante.

Francesco has been playing and producing music since early 2000’s, in 2010 he started his solo project Søulless. His tracks have been played by many names of the current scene, from SPFDJ to Hector Oaks, from Broken English Club to Richie Hawtin, 999999999 and VTSS, Max Durante and Adam X, Parrish Smith, SHARPLINES, Ancient Methods and Manu Le Malin to name a few.

Expect a very personal mix of techno, industrial elements, acid, electro, and whatever this mutant artist sees as fit for his ever evolving music. Søulless is one of Italy’s hidden treasures, come and see him in action to believe it.